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The locals know best.

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Them: "Where are you guys going after the funeral? International bangers I had no idea I needed in my life.

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Bring on the carbs! A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view I have one dream and that dream is to fly business class. There's a lot of etiquette involving trains. Please, for the love of god, stand on the right-hand side of the escalator. Egg stations, pancake stations, all the stations.

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We Tried pronouncing difficult places around the world. Come on now, there are only To recline or not to recline. What's better than good food in the most beautiful place on Earth?

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It's the coziest time of the year. Fried rattlesnake, anyone? Louis-style pizza: weird or delicious? Bring Me. Play We hear about Brian Patrick Murphy's biggest failure in business and what he learned from it, what it was like for Michael Littig to start a non-profit in a conflict zone, and we do a lot of talking about why the struggle is what to love the most when you're building something.

Even though Jess and Andrew did a bit of birdwalking at the top of the episode, things got back on track quickly and we got to hear about Laura Behnke's incredible journey from television sportscaster who was owned by everyone else to entrepreneur and fashion icon who owned it all herself! This episode is a must-listen for anyone who is starting to think there's a better life out there but is scared to make a move. Ami Dar, founder of Idealist.

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  7. Never was there such an inspiring episode as talking with he and their Director of Organizing, Abby Graf Subak about how they that happen through a job board, grad fairs and Idealist Days around the world. It seems like every Broadway friend of ours including Andrew's wife!

    Series 10 - Episode 8

    On our coffee date with the man himself, we found out that's because he is one smart dude, in addition to being a whacky, dada-loving unicorn. We chat about why Mark reads two plus books a week, how the Snatched emails have changed over the years, the ways in which running a business is like a rehearsal room and why Andrew and Jess now say "Skill Aquisition" every fourth sentence.

    Audrey Truschke has created a name for herself on Twitter but it's probably not for anything you'd guess.