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Why thank you. I wish I could too. It's like my two favorite games in one after all. XD Oh, and did you by any chance spot the mailman? I see the mailman in the background, right? You actually recognized him. How cool. By the way, my brother, who did most of the work on this map, was excited to see this and it's inspiring him to work harder on the map. I really wish I can show more in depth, how good this map looks like. Maiden-Chynna Hobbyist Digital Artist.

He working currently on the north mountains, they look fantastic. We're excited to share with everyone! Oh nice. This map is really looking very good. I hope he keeps it up. Thank you! What do you like about the picture? Oh really? How so? In that case you should consider playing the map. It's fun to just walk around and explore. And you can stare at all of clock towns patterns! Awe, well you should get it.

It is the best version after all. View all replies. KomodoDags Hobbyist Filmographer. Really nice job with expression and lighting! I'd love to see more of these, too. Oh thank you The lighting looks really good because of photoshop though. XD And I'll be sure to make some more majoras mask content soon. And the photoshop work is still impressive to me- I don't even have it much less know how to work it XD. And it makes render time in cinema 4D shorter. There was only one problem… it didn't come with any games. I had decided to stay cheap and started looking at games at thrift stores, hoping to find something good.

I had no such luck. As I was walking home, I noticed a yard sale selling cheap stuff.

Identities: Ganon's Diary

It had some kinda creepy stuff, like stuff only old people had. There were porcelain dolls, dressed in weird outfits that looked like they were from the nineteen-sixties, and some weird animal sculptures.

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I had noticed a small section of old games for the Gameboy and such. Hopeful thinking took my fancy and sooner than I knew what was going on, I picked up an old untitled N64 game that had "Majora" written on it. Glued to this piece of merchandise, I didn't see an old man come out of his house asking if anything had caught my eye. I guessed he was about seventy-four, and I had no second thought about talking to him. He asked me once again if I would like anything, snapping me out of my trance-like state.

I asked him how much he would like for the game I was holding. All of a sudden, his face darkened, and he said it was free if I would like to take it.

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I was so excited I didn't even see his change of demeanor, and I thanked him and was soon on my way home. I slightly heard him say something quietly, but I could've swore he said,"Goodbye Ben". After all that, I didn't even notice that he knew my name I had decided once I got home that I would immediately start reliving my childhood with the game I had just acquired. I plopped down on my couch and turned on the N64 after plugging in the cartridge. It was the moment of truth; I was thinking that it probably wouldn't work, thinking the memory chips were probably corroded, but much to my surprise, it worked!

I was really excited.

Cuckoo clock - Wikipedia

For such an old cartridge, it was running very smoothly. I noticed that there was already a file saved on the game.

It was named simply "Ben". I saw that he was on the final day with three out of four masks at the final temple.

I felt bad knowing that he was so close to finishing the game, but was unable to finish. I decided to let the save file stay there knowing he had owned the game before me. I made a profile under the name "Link" out of tradition. The game started out as Link riding his horse, Epona through the woods.

Words popped up on the screen informing me he was looking for a long lost friend. I had decided to sit back and watch the beginning of the game, but then suddenly two weird glowing orbs appeared and spooked Epona.

Where To Dance On A Clock Tower, A Pink Tree And A Porcelain Throne In 'Fortnite: Battle Royale'

Suddenly a dark figure approached me. His name was Skull Kid, and he was possesed by an evil power inside the mask he was wearing. This part of the story was normal and I sat back and watched these series of events. While I watched, I noticed something funny in the gameplay. Where my name should have been… was not my name, it was Ben's. I thought it was just a minor game glitch considering this game was almost ten years old.

I didn't think much of it and kept on playing. I then noticed that every once in a while that it would say my name, but mostly it mostly called me Ben. I then, out of frustration, deleted Ben's profile. I regretted my decision, but I couldn't fix it now. Though now, where my name should be, nothing appeared. I was puzzled, but I didn't care much, considering it didn't affect the gameplay. I kept playing and eventually beat the first temple, therefore collecting the first mask. I was on the second temple with most of the stuff complete, but on the third day, the last day.

Thinking fast, I didn't want to lose all my progress towards the second dungeon, I decided to pull the fourth day glitch. In order to pull this glitch, you need to go to the telescope guy on the third day when the moon is about to fall. As the timer is about to hit zero, you talk to him.

If you pull this off correctly the timer should disappear, and you will have another day. I luckily pulled it off, but I noticed something that was not right. Instead of being back at the telescope guy, I was at the top of the clock tower. I saw Skull Kid floating in front of me. Then, almost immediately I saw a text box appear at the bottom of the screen saying "I see you've made a reservation.

I started to feel helpless, so, in my desperation, I shot him with my bow.