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A woman can be a maid in the home of a powerful couple and seduce the husband because the turn-on for the husband is that the maid must still keep up appearances in front of the wife, ask Mildred Baena- maid to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

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The dance of deception and daring makes men stiff as baseball bats. Ever made a decision while intoxicated or high that you would not have made if sober?

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Sure you have. Power intoxicates. Men of power are often behaving on the longest buzz or high as their power allows. Just as marijuana or alcohol creates different types of highs on various smokers and drinkers, power affects men in the same manner.

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What happens is the woman avoids that situation again and finds the right guy to get high with. So scandalous vixens know their own specialities and tolerences. Aprons protect clothes as a person cooks. Chefs wear aprons. Stereotypically, women wear aprons in the kitchen. So the apron is really underwear masquarading as outerwear clothing. What does this mean? The seductive intentions of scandalous vixens are like customized aprons, they can be worn in public over everyday appearances but imply to the right onlookers that they will be catered to, serviced and satisfied in a very personalized way.

Powerful, rich men can pay for VIP service, customized products, exclusive perks and luxury items.

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What makes the best seductresses just as powerful as their entranced suitors is that they know how to pick the right aprons for the right men at the right time, customized flattery and adoration. What kind of apron can you put on to get the type of rainmaker you want? Just when we thought the scandalous details to the case involving Tekashi 6ix9ine born Daniel …. Related Articles. A girl and a man forced into the marriage. Both of them are from different world are ties by the nod called marriage.

How will there relationship will work. Lyn Monreal. Calista jatuh cinta pada Raka, sahabatnya. Sayang, dia tidak bisa untuk terus menyimpan perasaannya itu. Ada Ben, sahabatnya yang lain.

Pria itu selalu mencintainya dan selalu ada kapan pun Calista membutuhkan. Namun, saat hendak mengungkapkan perasaannya, Raka malah mematahkan hatinya. Patah hati hebat, sang kakak malah membawa Calista pergi ke Singapura. Di sana, dia bertemu Mateo, billionaire dan juga sahabat sang kakak. Seharusnya, dia memberikan Ben kesempatan untuk mengobati luka hatinya.

Hanya saja, bertemu Mateo dan malam-malam bersama, Calista berubah pikiran.

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Gabriele Valencia. Story updated twice a week Scarlett Heart is the heart throb of the wall street. Attractive, ambitious, intelligent, and sexy as sin. She has never lacked any attention from men, they chase her, they want her, but they never get her. From the outside, she seems perfect. She has it all. Yet she had not always been that way, even Scarlett has a secret. She used to be the ugly duckling in middle school.

Macmillan: Series: The Billionaire's Club: New Orleans

The unwanted girl. The Loner. The one they called "a freak" After years of bullying, and experiencing a heartbreak, she decided to transform herself into the woman she is today. After leaving her past behind, she finally has a moment of peace, until a storm entered her life in the form of two striking men. What would happen if someone she used to love from her past returned back to her life after all these years while she is being chased by a hot and powerful billionaire at the same time? When Nari turned thirty-four years old, she resigned from her job as an executive assistant.

During her birthday celebration, she wished to meet the father of her future children. When she met Jai in an embarassing moment, she now wished that it never happened. Sarah sehunnie.

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Be warned. This book my trigger some people so if you don't like rape, torture and other rough behavior. It's my first book I hope you enjoy please support me thank you. The following names, events, and some places are purely came out from the author's mind. What happened when two different worlds clashed together? Meet Ysla, isang katutubong Apyaw who's physically different from the others. Alam niyang nakita lamang siya sa isang bangin ng mag-asawang Apyaw and yet raised like their own kind. Kaya 'di man siya isang katutubong Apyaw by blood--she would eventually risk her life and fight for those cruel people na walang hinangad kundi and kamkamin ang kanilang lupa!

Will her valor tamed Blaire Ademar--the known bad-tempered billionaire? Or eventually havoc her faith, piece by piece and leave nothing but a shattered heart? But i was wrong. I cant wish for something good , but i hope that things dont get worse. I have put my days and nights to bring it to the heights ,it is on today. For my hard work and my empire, i am going to marry the daughter of a person , i hate.

I cant wait to make her regret the day she would marry me. I want to see, how much cunigness of her father , she had taken and how long it will keep her standing infront of me. Hello friends , if you want to know more about them , check this story. Hopefully, you will like it. Dexx Crystal. He was overly confident and I just knew how to use that in my advantage.

He couldn't, because his existence was in my hands. He was in deep thoughts. He knew, that if he didn't follow all of my wishes, and accept all of my offers, I would back out of our deal and his company would go bankrupt. I was his only chance at survival.

The Seduction (Billionaire's Beach Book 5)

I knew he loved his daughter, but he loved his company too. The only question was, which did he love more? But I already knew the answer to that, and I already knew the answer to the offer a gave him.