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Raiders of the lost spacetime Christian Wuthrich. Quantum gravity from general relativity Christian Wuthrich.


References Publications referenced by this paper. On cosmological singularity avoidance in loop quantum gravity Johannes Brunnemann , Thomas Thiemann.

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The geometry and physics of knots: Index Michael Francis Atiyah. New variables for classical and quantum gravity. Path-integral derivation of black-hole radiance James B. Hartle , Stephen W. Generalized Hamiltonian mechanics a mathematical exposition of non-smooth dynamical systems and classical Hamiltonian mechanics Jerrold E. Difficulties with recollapsing models in closed isotropic loop quantum cosmology Daniel F.

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In this work, Einstein showed the limits of classical thermodynamics, when observable statistical fluctuations in the irregular movement of particles in suspension violate the second law. Here he made the radical proposal that the parameter to be taken into account experimentally is the mean displacement, and not the erratic speed.

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This special relativity is founded on two basic principles: the principle of relativity Physics is the same in all inertial systems , and the principle of constancy of the speed of light the velocity of light is isotropic and the same in all inertial systems. With this theory, Einstein resolved the apparent conflict between the relativity principle and the electrodynamics of Maxwell and Lorentz, which gives priority to some reference systems. This forced him to abandon the concepts of simultaneity and the ether.