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Aug 14, Sandy S rated it really liked it. This time, Elizabeth has made a plea with Simon to travel back to war-torn England in search of a missing member from the Council for Temporal Studies. Knowing the visit would not end well, Simon finally agreed to travel back to to find the missing man and return him to his own time period. But preparations for a war-ravaged London, England did not prepare them for the very real possibility that their presence and investigation would bring them into contact with British Intelligence, the German SS, a military sector of M15 and an America spy named Jack Wells and his British counter-part Blake.

But during war, no one is ever who they claim to be. Finding Evan in a military hospital under armed guards would throw the couple into a deadly game of espionage and intrigue. Once again, I can only hope that there are real men who feel the same about the women in their lives as Simon feels for Elizabeth. From a quiet secluded English countryside to the nightly black-outs in a city hoping to survive another day during the war, FRAGMENTS takes the reader on an adventure- a time warp of sorts- and one that will keep you guessing til the end.

And of course, back to the future has a whole new meaning, when Simon and Elizabeth bring someone from the past back to the present. May 24, Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: I found this book to be much more enjoyable than the last one. Time travel seemed much more relevant to the story, and the story had a much better plot to it.

The use of the character, Evan Eldridge, and the addition of Jack West added to the story, and tied the new story to the previous book. Simon and Elizabeth continue to be interesting characters, and the additi I found this book to be much more enjoyable than the last one.

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Simon and Elizabeth continue to be interesting characters, and the addition of Jack allows for a second story line. I did miss the paranormal theme from the first book, but the spy theme more than made up for it. I am looking forward to reading the next book is the series. Sep 19, Cheryl rated it really liked it Shelves: Each of the books in this series I've read have gotten better. I'm really enjoying them. View 1 comment. Fragments is great and it really seems that Martin is coming into her own with her characters.

While there is still a "romantic issue" for Simon and Elizabeth, it isn't as much the driving force of the plot but ancillary to the overall adventure. While on holiday in present-day England, Simon and Elizabeth see someone they recognize in a photo at a museum, suffering from shell shock and amnesia. They head to England to rescue their friend from a hospital, but it isn't as easy as they expect Fragments is great and it really seems that Martin is coming into her own with her characters.

They head to England to rescue their friend from a hospital, but it isn't as easy as they expected. Martin outdid herself here - it is obvious that she has done a ton of research into the time period and of the London area. This feels like a time travel book , whereas the previous two felt primarily like romance novels. The characters that Simon and Elizabeth meet are interesting, and she really did well to paint the picture of a spy network, mystery and intrigue with a bit of folklore.

Simon's expertise in the occult came in handy as well, which I felt was lacking in the previous books. My only wish is that the Council threads from the previous books weren't left essentially untouched in this book. It just seems like something that would be such an interesting framework, and even if Simon and Elizabeth decide to do their own things ad hoc and never join, I do find it disapointing that the Council is cloaked in so much mystery, even after being sent on a mission by them in the previous book to which that conclusion of returning home and reporting back was not discussed in this book as I expected, given the abrupt ending.

Fragments is the best in the series yet, and I look forward to seeing where Simon and Elizabeth go next. Sep 20, Lynelle Clark rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , time-travel , mystery , ww11 , series. A time filled with shortages, spies and the ever-unanswered question of who to trust. The story continues from Book 2, the team left in the midst of the disastrous earthquake. After seeing Eldridge in a newspaper the two decide they had to rescue him. His wife had no idea where he was.

Meeting a new person, Jack, they were in for a suspenseful time in the English countryside. As always it made for interesting reading as you embark on another adventure with Elizabeth and Simon. Their love continually growing during these encounters. Jan 30, Melissa missy rated it really liked it. This is the 3rd book in this series that I have read. All of them grabbed my attention from within the first chapter through the end of the book.

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Characters as well as all of the locations visited were so vividly explained that I could almost envision them. The plot was very well written and made it hard for me to put the book down. I love history hated history class and usually had my mom do my homework lol but if classes was more like this I may of went to more of them.

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May 11, Shaly rated it really liked it Shelves: monique-martin. This was definitely my favorite read, so far. I'm totally addicted to these time traveling adventures Simon and Elizabeth have. Its like in the mist of a crisis, they always find love and most importantly humor. I absolutely love that they found the lost time traveler, don't want to say his name so as to not ruin the story for future readers. In any case their reunion with past friends was so sweet and had a huge smile forming on my face! Great way to end this third adventure. Dec 08, Aisley rated it it was amazing.

I am obsessed with this trilogy! Martin has done an exhaustive research on the topic and the eras, and it shows. With elegant style and superb dominion of the storytelling she involve you in the story. To the point where you'd feel a wee bit tire after the characters return to their own timeline. And in this book she mentions Doctor Who. I'm in love with Ms. Martin's books. Sep 06, Michal rated it really liked it Shelves: ebook , bookchallenge , pink-books , time-travel.

It was an easy read, but not lightweight.

A pleasing mix of time travel and romance that kept me engaged and turning pages. My reading dates are for all three books Jun 22, Sandy rated it it was amazing. Fragments Elizabeth and Simon just can't get enough of traveling to the past and getting involved in danger and intriguing situations.

Another entertaining time travel novel in the Out of Time series. Jan 31, Pat Welte rated it it was amazing. I love reading about time travel and Monique Martin has certainly made it enjoyable to follow this characters throughout time and many different places. I will continue to read her books as long as she writes them. Jun 08, Sandi Stover rated it it was amazing. This is a great series with great characters. Variety of things going on to pique anyone's interests. Action, romance, drama, comedy - Monique has a flair for writing characters that seem so real. Can't wait to read more in this time travel series.

Apr 07, Allison rated it it was amazing. Great addition to the series! Feb 19, Beverly L Levering rated it it was amazing. Have not read a bad book by her yet. Mar 10, Voirrey rated it it was amazing Shelves: read , historical-novels , mystery , fantasy , detective. Second World War England, a lost time traveller, an American secret service man, a nazi mole, a mythical treasure-hunt..

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How could this not be a good read? Jan 06, Terry rated it liked it. There is so much potential for this story line and concept. There is an overall advance in writing quality over the three books.

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  7. Dec 11, Linda rated it really liked it. Not quite on a par with the Chronicles of St. Mary's series, but a good second. Aug 07, John rated it really liked it. If you can get by the first book and its weaknesses, the following books are much better.

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    Oct 01, Cary rated it liked it. Somehow this series has snuck up on me. I found the first book somewhat slow in pacing and the characters reactions not totally realistic but not so with this 3rd book. Jul 05, Richard Pierce rated it liked it Shelves: Part of me is disappointed this isn't the last in the series, and part of me pleased. These books are great fun to read, and not just fluffy books either. May 17, Sanne Marije Visser rated it really liked it. Good writing. I like how Simon and Elizabeth remain themselves and still their relationship develops.