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While Europe generally embraced the record, a less-favourable gust blew from many publications across the Atlantic. I wanted to know how someone could garner so much hate and praise in equal measure. A split-second of reticence diminishes, before Lana willingly reflects. My public story is more a story about journalism; like a commentary on how modern-day journalism works. Most of the stuff written was unsolicited or creative writing, and a lot of it was just wrong. It was very weird.

I can tell pretty quickly that though she may have risen above such clawing, some scars still remain. The question is: at what cost? I ask her if she ever considered giving up on music. You can make music just for making music. I have a lot of passions and making music was always something I would do for fun. In the Stanley Kubrick screen adaptation of that film, music is salvation for the deeply troubled protagonist Alex.

However, it is music that ultimately leads to his demise. Lana might feel like she stares down a barrel of inevitable adversity, but her new album carries no sign of apprehension. But it was clearly a record that had been through the tinkering mills.

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Shaken, stirred and thoroughly mixed. For an age, I had been saying that I needed the fuzz and the fire. Before Dan, there was December New York, , cold. I produced everything myself with my guitar player and then we hired a session drummer. We had made this kind of classic rock-inspired record — 11 tracks.

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So, I thought I was done. She laughs.

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Five days later, I flew to Nashville and played all our tracks to Dan. I felt like the energy in LA was really sexy. But being there also enhanced my love for the East Coast, in being away from it. We really had this West Coast sound in mind, but with an East Coast flavour.

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And then we recorded it in the middle of the country. It was an American amalgamation. I was trying to get my loving feeling back for New York, because a lot of shit went wrong there. I had a real aromatic inclination there, alone for years, wandering the streets, feeling free and unhinged. I lost that feeling.

So, coming back West and working with a stranger like Dan made me feel more alive and more in touch with America. Sometimes that is the best company to keep. I was upset and inspired by that premise. As a result, I do feel a personal connection with the icons: John Wayne, Elvis. I loved how nice Marilyn was, I related to her. Finding girls who were as loving and warm as her is hard.

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