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What could be nicer? As my regular readers will know by now, I have serious Daddy issues, so I've made the guy middle-aged and slightly the worse for wear. Personally, one of my major turn-ons is the idea of mature peeps with less than perfect physiques being dominated and forced to strip by young hotties. Still, the guy in the story may be on the old side, but that doesn't stop him having a nice big dick, which gets very hard indeed as those naughty girls scrutinize his bits and bobs.

After keeping thing simple but hopefully very sexy this time round, for my next outing I'm planning on changing things up a bit with an historical setting and touches of fantasy.

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But don't worry, the guys will still be blue-bollock naked. Lovely twins Cat and Nat pay a weekend visit to lonely, middle-aged Dominic, one of their mother's ex-boyfriends, at his isolated beach house. Nearby is a small, secluded bay frequented by naturists.

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Inspired by this coincidence, the girls decide that it would be good for Dominic's health if he should spend the weekend in the nude. Unable to resist, Dominic is soon stripped naked and sporting a massive erection. I look at Tara and we just crack up. So Saturday shows up, and me, Jessie, Tara, and their boyfriends all pile in to the mini-van I rented.

I tell them that Britney will meet us there with her new boyfriend, Brandon. She shocked us when she said that she asked him out later after determining that he had the nicest looking balls and the sweetest looking ass out of all of the swim team guys. Tara went into great detail about their first date, telling Jessie and me about how she made Seth cum just by sucking on his balls.

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She said she took him back to the campus pool after midnight, sat him on the edge of the pool, and pulled his balls out from the side of his Speedo, leaving his penis still tucked inside. While standing in the pool in her bikini, with his balls at eye level, she pulled both of his balls into her mouth and sucked on them as hard as she could, pulling back on them until he moaned in painful pleasure. Apparently, she over heard some college girl talking about doing this to her jock boyfriend at a frat party once.

When Tara saw Seth getting close, she stuck her middle finger in to his mouth to get it moist and then reached down and slid and twisted it into his anus, all the way up to her last knuckle. This sent him into overdrive as she continued to suck hard on his balls, pulling them away from his body until he fully opened his legs, leaned back, and came inside of his swimsuit.

She released his balls out of her mouth, but continued to finger fuck his ass until he stopped moaning.

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He used to be a big college football player, but injured his back playing in a big game. He was so gorgeous. When I would look him in the eyes, he would look down and grin. I would look back to the road and smile, imagining him jerking off for my girlfriend, as she watches and smiles in appreciation of his willingness to show her what guys do in private.

I can tell he knows that, just by the way he looks back at me and then looks down, in a shy kind of way.

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I secretly hope this vacation offers up an opportunity for him to put on some of this type of female entertainment for the rest of us girls, even for 16 year old, Britney. Well everybody hits it off great on the trip down to the beach house and when we get there, we all threw our luggage down and crash in to the lounge chairs around the big pool located in the back of the house. This two story beach house was simply incredible.

You had to drive down a private road to get to it, so it was hidden from public view. But the back of the house had an awesome pool and a big terrace that faced the water.


There were bushes that surrounded the lower terrace that provided privacy for the pool from the beach, the beach was also private. The closest house was about yards to the south of us, well out of view. We all fall over laughing, so I get up and start making us all drinks.

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I look at Jessie and say, I thought you said he was shy? Jessie just winks back at me and smiles. Tara and Jessie continue to giggle as they get up and go inside, unpack, and put on their bathing suits. But I look at Jessie and she winks back at me like everything is going as well as us girls could ever hope for. So far, so good, I say to her. As Seth stands in deep end drinking beer, Marcus starts swimming laps, but as Tara walks out to the pool, I can tell that something has grabbed her attention.

She looks at me, motioning with her eyes in the direction of Marcus. As I look at Marcus swimming, I soon realize what she is talking about. At the moment I see this, I instantly reflect back to the first time I ever saw a black guy naked.

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It was during my days of a substitute teacher, at an all male Catholic high school. As I peeked around the corner of the shower room, I could see a young, naked black boy showering, with his back towards me. I stood there, frozen, terrified about getting caught, watching this awesome display of a young black boy and all of his nakedness. I was also lost in the feeling of seeing something very rare, secret, and taboo to any white girl.

My first sight of a black male, and his tight, muscular, black ass cheeks, with the soapy water running down his strong back and over his black glutes was almost too much for me to comprehend. My girlhood dream of secretly watching a beautiful naked male take a shower and it is all I ever imagined it to be. Suddenly, he turns around slightly, and I get my first glimpse of a black penis, which looked like it was in a state of semi-erect. It looked like it is easily 8 or 9 inches long, maybe longer, with the soapy water running off of it. I watched with wide-eyed amazement as he turned and faced me, reaching down and grabbing up his big black balls, and washing them individually.

He eventually started washing his black dick, which has been shaking back and forth from all of his ball washing. It looked like it weighed 10 pounds by the way it swung back and forth.

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I watch from around the corner as he runs his soapy grip up and down the shaft, pulling back on the foreskin that collars the light, brown head. I close my eyes and open them back up to see that he is still washing his shaft. What would my conservative parents say now? I try to calm down and shed my nervousness, realizing that the athletic director has surely gone for the day, along with everybody else. But what happens next will forever change my life. Suddenly, the naked black athlete looks up and sees me peeking around the corner. He quickly covers up, as he is obviously shocked to see me, but then gradually smiles back at me, knowing I have been admiring his naked performance for some time. To my shock and surprise, he slowly starts walking towards me. My female fun quickly turns to female fear and I quickly turn and walk away and head back down the hallway to the sanctuary of my classroom.

I close my eyes and pray that no one will ever find out that I willingly stood and watched a wet and naked high school boy masturbate under the showers. I grab the door knob and open the class room door and walk in as fast as I can. I rush over and pull out my desk chair and quickly sit down behind my desk, trying to look professional and not like a horny party girl at a bachlorette party. As I sit there, flushed and trying to regain my composure, I am split between the hopes of him giving up his search for me, and the thought of him finding me.

I am frozen in fear as the door opens and the black high school athlete slowly walks in, still naked and dripping wet from the showers. I look him in the eyes and try to put on my best teacher face. I know deep down that I am overcome with an emotion that can only be described as speechless fear and sexual excitement.